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    Yuuum. If you're looking for some vegan/vegetarian Chinese food, and have been feeling a little burnt out on Golden Era or Loving Hut, Big Lantern is a great alternative.Conveniently located on 16th between Valencia and Guerrero, Big Lantern's prices and food portions are actually quite generous considering. Both times I've been I got the five spicy mock chicken. On a huge plate is a pile of the chicken and delicious broccoli. For a spicy dish, it could be a little bit spicier but that's how I always feel. Last time I was there, I also tried the sesame mock chicken, which is basically the same thing in a different sauce. I'll probably be ordering that next time.There's a ton of dim sum options here too, but I haven't tried any yet. With all the food on the regular vegetarian menu, it might take me a while to venture to the dim sum.Definitely wanna check this place out again soon.
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    Been here twice in the last 2 months and both times was deeply impressed with the food. This is an omnivore restaurant but with a substantial vegetarian menu. The dim sum menu was at least half vegan!Ever since our trip to NYC in October an a visit to the Vegeterian Dim Sum house in chinatown, we have been yearning for some good chinese dim dum. My girlriend and i love this kind of food, both as diners and as chefs. Our kitchen can produce a handful of exceptional dim sum dishes but many are taking a while to master and here we sampled 2 of the ones we are working on.... in particular, cheung fun and chive dumplings.The chive dumplings. Oh man, these are good!! Pan fried, delicate wrappers filled with chives and i think spinach or a similar green. Wondeful!and Cheung Fun or rice noodle rolls. I adore this dish and their version is very good. I am trying to master this one but so far to no avail. First place in the bay area i have found who have a vegan version on the menu!Fried tofu. One can "taste" a lot about a chef by examining one of the simple dishes on the menu. Soft tofu, lightly battered and fried. Perfectly prepared! Barely any oil noticable on the dish and the tofu was crisp on the outside yet very soft inside. With the hot mustard they put on the table, oh yeah!!!!the wonton soup. Someone in the back assembled the wontons seconds before they were served! The wrappers were so delicate and the vegetables were very crisp. A delightful take on a standard chinese american dish.Service ie ok, not great. Atmosphere is cozy, and you can hear the other people's conversations. We will make many returns to check out more of the vast menu! 5th star can be earned if the dishes stay at the high standard from the first 2 visits.
  • Reviewed by:   on: 3/6/2012 5:05:00 AM
    It's Chinese food. Nothing special or above average Chinese food. I find that most Chinese restaurants serve this similar, not so authentic, American version in Chinese cuisine. I enjoyed my meals as much as I usually enjoy a greasy plate of chow mein and temporarily satisfying wonton soup. About 30 minutes after my meal i felt like I ate too much sorta healthy, super oily wheat based products.They do have a nice faux meat menu for the vegetarians. However if you're a vegetarian eating fake meat, you might want question you lifestyle choice. Good luck!
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    If brunch in general is challenging for the mixed veg/non-veg crowd, dim sum can feel like a lost cause.That's where Big Lantern comes in.While I can't speak for the non-vegan half of the menu, except to say that the baked BBQ pork bun was delicious, the vegan half was really good!As a group of four, we decided to share food. We were really pleased by the wide selection of vegan and mockmeat options. The chik'n siu mai had the perfect texture and were quite flavorful. I loved the sweet and tangy BBQ chik'n bun. The texture of the turnip cakes were spot-on. But the best of the vegan options was the sweet rice tamale, which was a great balance between sweet and savory.And I loved that the sesame balls (Chinese donuts) were piping hot.Four stars for the food, knocked one point because the vegans deserve the chance at their own baked BBQ chik'n bun.Grateful to Big Lantern for being the perfect place to bring a mixed omni/veg group of friends!
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    Everything in here is nice the customer service the food I love the Thai ice tea and the lunch specials also the imperial rolls
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    Rice $1.25 1 $1.25Orange Chicken $8.95 1 $8.95How Spicy?: MediumInstructions: No Onions!5 Pot Sticker $5.50 1 $5.50Make it With: PorkGeneral Chicken $8.95 1 $8.95How Spicy?: MediumInstructions: No Onions!Food was delivered within 40 minutes, hot, and tasty! I Nice sized potions too. I Ordered from EAT24.YES, would defiantly order from BIG LANTERN again!!!
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    Hello - your online order form will not allow delivery to a location that is 1.9 miles from your restaurant. I live at 24th and Utah Street and the online order form says my house is over 3 miles away. I think you are losing business because of it. Very unfortunate for you and I will just order from somewhere else.
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