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    Are you hiring?
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    First and last time I order. I ordered a hot
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    While on a road trip w/ my Boys and Girls Club high school group I'm involved with, we stayed a night at the Columbia Park Clubhouse. We were hungry and asked them what was good in the neighborhood that could seat 13, and they took us out to Big Lantern Chinese. I'd say it was pretty successful. It had a great feel to in the slightly small restaurant. We ordered all types of different foods, but it wasn't your ordinary plate, they gave us a bunch of different big bowls of Orange Chicken, Kung Pao, Beijing Beef, etc. It had a hella nice traditional family dinner feels to it, plus the food was super good. I just wish it wasn't so small. I felt super squished the whole time. They had Tv's w/ ESPN on, so it's great if your sports fanatic.MY favorite part about Big Lantern was the area. It seemed like a really cool community, and everybody knows each other.Good people. Good Food. Great area. If that's all you care about, then this joint's a win.
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    Best Chinese restaurant!
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    Nothing says treating a hangover without some good ole chinese!We were upset that another Korean restaurant was closed so we decided to try this place out. My friend is a local here and swears by them. We made a simple order of pot stickers and chow mein. The place wasn't terribly packed but we were being patient. Took a little long for a simple order but not to worry! Food came and it was delicious! Not the best but pretty darn good!I'll make sure I come back again!
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